A "Staunch Conservative" Supports Gilbert Ortiz

Bo - this is a note just to tell you why I am voting for you come Election Day.

 First off, I'm not voting for you because you're a Democrat - I'm a staunch Conservative, and you know this. People in Pueblo County need to open their eyes and see this position isn't about Party Lines. It's about integrity and being able to do a job and you are fully capable to do it without any doubt.  I'm voting for you because of your experience and the team of experienced county employees you have to get the job done and done well I might add.

 Anyone who actually went to your open house to see the ballot process and still say there's something not right is fooling themselves. You personally showed me the 'Day in the Life of a Ballot'. The process has MANY checks and balances, and if anyone was to challenge the integrity of a single ballot, they can 'roll back the tapes' and see for themselves, this process is bulletproof. I realize there's always going to be a critic in every crowd and with the process you have in place, any critic should be easily convinced.

 I am voting for you because you have introduced technology into the position. Being able to pay for my license plates online and with a credit card before you took office was unheard of. Little things like this to make my day easier when paying is what we need. With you and your team's ideas to get this process completed quicker is what we, as consumers and tax payers appreciate. Posting on social media outlets, informing people of days of short lines, office closures, and days to vote - who does this? I am sure other County Clerks have followed suit but it is people like you that have the experience, know how and drive to get it done.

The term we all use today is 'thinking out of the box' and that is the simplest way of describing what you do for the people of Pueblo County. I can go on and tout the numerous things you do to help the County, but I just wanted you to know why you will get my vote.

 Thank you for your time.

 Ron Roybal
 Sunset Park Neighborhood
 Pueblo, CO